Debbie McIntee

I have experienced pain, heartbreak, violence and grief. I have felt helpless when one of my children was very ill.

I have been in a place of fear where I was scared to leave my home.

I have in the past lied to my friends and family and covered bruises that I didn’t want the world to see. So I understand.

I am now a happy, independent, inspirational, kind, strong, free woman and it is my life’s experiences that have made me who I am today. I want to make a difference in everything that I put my heart into.

I am passionate about a number of things  and one being coaching people of any age who need a little help, guidance, support and love.

I have coached so many people coming from a place of fear, which paralyses them so they are unable to step forward, i have been able to give them the tools and support to overcome their struggles. 

What I believe I bring is positive energy, love, creative fun, inspiration, patience and understanding.

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