12 Week NeuroDevelopmental & Behavioural Family Programme

12 Week NeuroDevelopmental & Behavioural Family Programme

Neuro Developmental & Behavioural family programme supports for the whole family for children as young as 4+. Using therapeutic coaching to improve habits, low level behaviours and complex needs to include:

Sensory needs - Autism - ADD - ADHD - ASD - Aspergers - OCD - ODD - Nervous system verbal and physical expressions - Tourette Syndrome - Tics -  Anxiety - Separation Anxiety - Low level moods - Lethargy/Fatigue - Unmotivated - Excessive worrying - Low concentration - Low confidence - Low self esteem - Heightened emotional sensitivity - Self control - Poor sleep hygiene - Poor eating hygiene.

With a personalised and holistic approach N.O.W’s looks at every contributing factor to family resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental health adapting to all learning abilities and family needs (with or without a diagnosis). 

Creating a safe environment and promoting health and happiness for the whole family as a  unit, throughout each of their journeys, overcoming challenging times together.

  • Weekly 1-2-1 & group transformational coaching and mentoring, through webinar / chat platforms, face to face or phone calls to connect families in their environment: communities, work / home & schools.

  • Supporting a compassionate and honest dialogue of communication and positive learning.

  • Building resilience for transitional and challenging times.

  • Teaching the tools and techniques to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health.

  • Learning coping strategies unique and beneficial to your families needs. 

  • Creating new pathways, positive behaviours and healthy habits.

  • Reducing stress on every level (emotionally, mentally and physically).

  • Identifying triggers for anxiety, stress and emotional behaviours.

  • Understanding the cause and effect of emotional responses.

  • Learning to create boundaries.

  • Accepting responsibility for actions.

  • Boosting self confidence and self esteem.

  • Creating positive values and beliefs, habits and perceptions.

  • Learning wellbeing strategies to calm, gain focus and improve concentration.

  •  Movement, relaxation and breathing techniques.

  • Releasing old patterns, emotions and trauma through emotional freedom tapping (EFT), hypnotherapy and reiki.

  • Providing a safe and compassionate space for positive change and growth.

  • Early intervention prevents later development of mental health.

N.O.W’s encapsulate the form of therapeutic coaching by taking elements from a number of different modalities depending on the needs of the family unit. From Neurolinguistic Programming (Integrated Psychology), Hypnotherapy, Health, Life and Resilience Coaching, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Energy alignment therapy, Aromatherapy, Family mentoring and Wellbeing techniques.  


For NHS referrals please contact us on the enquiry page.

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Investment for single person programme is £1300+VAT 

Investment for a family programme (up to 4 members) is £2600+VAT