6 Steps to Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing Programme

6 Steps to Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing Programme

The ability to bounce back, from challenging times, adapting and changing where required and continuing to move forward in a positive way as a family 

Life has challenging times, It takes emotions to the deepest level, the memory of the events keeps playing over and over, feelings of being stuck, not knowing your true worth and sense of belonging.

We understand how this can affect day to day life through our very own life journeys.

With our coaching and mentoring, we will show you the tools to come through them with strength and determination not to give up and to achieve a better quality of life for the whole family. Opening up a dialogue of communication.

Building resilience will empower you, free yourself from the control, learning to respond rather than react (staying in a parasympathetic vs sympathetic stress response).

Learning wellbeing tools to feel calmer, less anxious, have more self belief, confidence and trust in yourself……

As you learn and grow personally with passion and determination, accepting and asking for help when it's needed, living in the present moment with no regrets from the past and no worry about the future!

Building on your community and benefiting the whole family, to feel and know that you belong, you feel safe and secure, using love and gratitude to support and connect with each other. 

Some of the tools and techniques we cover ;

  • Understanding Emotions and Feelings with Cause and Effect
  • NLP  - Positive Mindsets and Behaviours 
  • Gratitude and Affirmations (positive language)
  • Guided Relaxation & Breathing 
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping
  • Releasing and Letting go - Responsibilities and Boundaries 
  • The importance of “ME Time”
  • Celebrate & Share your Success
  • Goal Setting with a Growth Mindset

Learning new pathways, creating positive behaviours and habits, finding core skills and boosting confidence and self esteem.

My thoughts create my reality - What I focus on is what I will achieve!

Recognised and supported by the NHS Essex CCG's Commissioning collaborative for children and young people’s emotional wellbeing. Working in collaboration Virgin Care, EWMHS, Community 360 and Local Authorities, Partners and Organisations.


For NHS referrals please contact us on the enquiry page. 

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