NeuroDevelopmental 8 Week Course

NeuroDevelopmental 8 Week Course

Neuro Developmental & Behavioural programme for the whole family: Early Intervention and support for Families - changing habits and low level behaviours.

Transformational Coaching & Mentoring for the whole family to create new positive pathways to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health by changing behaviours and habits, releasing emotions, building resilience, confidence and self esteem.

With a personalised and holistic approach we look at every contributing factor to emotional wellbeing and mental health.

  • 1-2-1 Coaching and mentoring, through webinar / chat platforms to connect with families in their home environment, a “safe place”, and allowing access from work / home & schools.

  • Building resilience for transitional and challenging times.

  • Teaching the tools and techniques to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health.

  • Adapting to all learning abilities and all ages.

  • Creating new pathways, positive behaviours and healthy habits.

  • Reducing stress on every level (emotionally, mentally and physically).

  • Identifying triggers for anxiety, stress and emotional behaviours.

  • Understanding the cause and effect of emotional responses.

  • Learning to create boundaries.

  • Accepting responsibility for actions.

  • Boosting self confidence and self esteem.

  • Creating positive values and beliefs, habits and perceptions.

  • Building on resilience to keep going through transitional and challenging times.

  • Learning wellbeing strategies to calm, gain focus and improve concentration.

  •  Supporting techniques for movement, relaxation, breathing techniques.

  • Releasing old patterns, emotions and trauma through emotional freedom tapping (EFT), hypnotherapy and reiki therapy.

  • Providing a safe and compassionate space for positive changes.

  • Support for early intervention prevents later development of mental health.


Neurological Levels of Change (creating new pathways)

  • Using positive language

  • Tapping into all 5 senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight)

  • Understanding individuals map of the world - how they take in information

  • Environmental awareness: sleep routine, nutrition, exercise, environmental toxins

  • Thoughts and feelings (having more awareness of both processes)

  • Cause and effect process of emotional responses

  • Behavioural and habit changes

  • Learning new skills, competencies,self worth and confidence

  • Values / boundaries and beliefs

  • Growth mindset