Staff Mental Health And Emotional Intelligence Course

Staff Mental Health And Emotional Intelligence Course

Bespoke packages available to fit the needs of the environment, family / individuals 

6 weeks, 1 hour a week online group training.

  • Language barriers / triggers / negatives 

  • How to use positive language and emotional intelligence.

  • Positive Living: creating a joyful daily routine

  • How to improve communication.. With self / staff members / families / children

  • Learning cause and effect process 

  • Improving self esteem and confidence with a positive mindset

  • Learning sub-modalities 

  • Improving home / office / school environmental stressors  

  • Rising levels of emotional awareness and warning signs 

  • Improving behaviours 

  • Learning the art of Gratitude & Reflection 

  • Learning wellbeing tools and techniques to improve anxieties, stress and fears

  • Improving Work life balance

Certification upon completion.

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