Staff "Train the Trainer" Bespoke Programme


Bespoke training packages available for "Train the Trainer programme"

1 days training for up to 2 Teachers from primary & secondary schools. Interactive learning from the below 

  • Language barriers / triggers / negatives 

  • How to use positive language and emotional intelligence.

  • How to improve communication.. With self / staff members / families / CYP

  • Learning cause and effect process from actions / behaviours 

  • Improving self esteem and confidence with a positive and growth mindset

  • Learning sub-modalities using Integrated Psychology 

  • Improving school environmental stressors  

  • Rising levels of emotional awareness and warning signs 

  • Improving behaviours and habits 

  • Learning the art of Gratitude & Reflection 

  • Law of attraction tools and techniques 

  • Learning wellbeing tools and techniques to improve anxieties, stress and fears

Each Teacher will be certified as a resilience and wellbeing trainer  to take their new founded knowledge back to the school environment to educate pupils and staff members with the content learnt within the programme.