"Train the Trainer" Programme

4 hour training packages available for "Train the Trainer programme" for practitioners, clinicians, teachers and staff members. 

The programme will include:

  • Core coaching skills
  • Managing expectations and setting boundaries 
  • Empowering positive language and growth mindsets (how to use positive language and emotional intelligence.
  • Learning the cause and effect from triggers, emotions and behaviours 
  • Raising levels of emotional awareness and warning signs 
  • Law of attraction techniques
  • How to diffuse an argument and to look at the situation from different perspectives
  • Learning the neurological levels of change - to improve environments, behaviours, confidence, self esteem and to embrace uniqueness 
  • 5 senses - how to recognise and use techniques to touch all 5; wellbeing techniques to calm and de-stress, gain focus (EFT, breathing, affirmations) - to manage anxieties, fears and overwhelm
  • Self care starts with you - create individual routines and practices to “walk the talk” (sharing experiences helps to create sustainable and lasting change!)


Fun and interactive learning; empowering knowledge, gaining therapeutic and wellbeing tools and techniques to benefit individuals and families.

In-house training . 

Up to 6 people @ £1,800.00 +VAT

Or at the investment of £300.00 + VAT per person

All will be certified as a wellbeing coach upon completion