Transition With Resilience School Workshop

Transition With Resilience School Workshop

Supporting the minds of young children aged from 3 - 11 and teenagers 12 - 21 within schools, colleges and universities, helping them to become aware of each emotion and mental health. 

‚ÄčTeaching the tools and techniques to improve their emotional and mental health, to overcome transitional times of life and emotional challenges.

The workshop includes: 

  • Resilience building

  • Relationship building

  • Self Esteem building 

  • Confidence building

  • Understanding emotions and know its okay not to be okay

  • Learning calming techniques 

  • Identifying core skills 

  • Positive language

  • Mindset coaching

  • Mindful meditation 

  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques

  • All within a safe environment and with freedom of choice.

1 hour workshop for up to 30 pupils plus a Teacher 

With the option to have either online via video link or the workshop to be within the classroom environment. 

We have Funded workshops are available for year 6 pupils across Essex, contact us if you would like your school to receive 1 funded workshop for up to 30 pupils. Limited workshops available, contact us on our enquiry page for more information.