12 Week Transform With Resilience programme

Have you got to the point in your life that you want to move forward and reignite the passions for life with happiness, being free from self sabotaging thoughts and low self worth?

Do you want to live life free from negative habits, addiction, fears and phobias?

Do you want to build on self confidence and self esteem?

Do you want to find your true purpose in life?

Do you have brain fog and want to move forward with a goal however feel unable to access the ability?

In this 12 week transformation course you will learn many tools and techniques and coaching support to live a happier and healthier life, improving mental health and emotional wellbeing.

You are limited only by your beliefs, change what you focus on and create the life that you deserve….Its time for you to live your true potential!

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

  • Attract opportunity with a growth mindset 
  • Understand your thoughts and feelings and create positive outcomes 
  • Change negative behaviours and limited beliefs 
  • Focusing on strengths and skills to realise your unique potential
  • Accelerating your ability to learn and retain new information
  • Facing fears and phobias and how to overcome them
  • Improve your communication with yourself and others
  • Using positive language and emotional intelligence
  • Releasing pain and trauma 
  • Learn to love and believe in yourself, building self esteem and confidence 
  • Learning wellbeing techniques to calm, focus and be in the now
  • Be resilient in any challenging times 


Enquire today for availability. 

(for NHS referrals please contact us on the enquiry page and one of our lovely team will support you)

Private Investment per person is £1500+VAT