Barbara Shead


I am Barbara Shead and am happy to help you heal.

When I was seven my parents and two siblings moved from Australia to Germany. I did not speak the language and it took a while to integrate into my new world,
experiencing many challenges, such as exclusion, loneliness and prejudice. Over time I fully integrated and enjoyed my new life experiences.
Aged 18, I came to England and met and married my husband. I brought up a family of two boys in very challenging circumstances.

I was stuck in an abusive marriage, living with alcoholism and with no family support. I suffered with mainly verbal and financial abuse and didn’t have the tools or wisdom to deal with it. I had changed from a happy, cheerful, positive person to feeling very isolated, was impoverished and depressed and completely emotionally shut down. I felt that all choices had been taken away from me. I had allowed this to happen to me.
After 15 years of marriage, I couldn’t take any more and moved out with my two young sons. Since then, I have learnt a lot about healing, having a voice that can be heard, good communication, having a positive outlook on life and I know where my boundaries are. I truly value myself. As I had always been interested in health and wellbeing, I followed my dream of studying therapies.
I am a Reflexologist and Massage therapist with over 27 years’ experience and have helped many people deal with physical and personal traumas in a safe and
confidential environment. Since 2016 I am also a qualified Journey Practitioner. The Journey therapy helps people access the power of cellular and emotional healing through discovering, recognising and shifting avoided, blocked or shut down emotions.

This allows the internal pressure to lift and the healing process to begin. I specialise in cellular healing and release from depression. I enjoyed teaching yoga based exercises to children aged 2 to 7 for three years in schools and nurseries (2016 – 2019) I am a MDA approved Tai Chi Instructor since 2012 I have learnt that life may bring you challenges and put you in difficult situations, but at the core I am strong and resourceful.
I meditate every day. Meditation has helped me to really connect with and understand myself better and understand the world around me too.
I believe in bringing balance into your life. It is so important to nourish and love yourself.

From a place of strength, you have the energy to motivate and support yourself and your loved ones.

I believe that health is about attracting positive energy, making good choices, eating good food, staying connected to nature, being active and being in touch with your emotions so that you are able to be the best version of you that you can be, living with lightness, love and freedom.

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