6 Weeks Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing Workshops - Primary & Secondary schools, College and University

Our fontal cortex, part of our brain, responsibile for self control, language and our  personality is not fully developed until we are age 25. Sometimes, particularly during school years, life can feel overwhelming, we might become stuck and some feelings manifest with unsupportive behaviours, feeling misunderstood and lonely, questioning self worth and sense of belonging. 

We will coach you on how, what and when to use various tools and techniques to support your own strengths to understand and overcome challenges.

You'll learn how to grow with passion and determination, accepting and asking for help when it's needed, living in the present moment with no regrets from the past and reframe overwhelm and worries about the future.


Workshop benefits:

  • Resilience to bounce back from challenging times, adapting and changing where required 
  • Building supportive communication and relationships to feel and know that you belong, to feel safe and secure
  • Identifying triggers and root causes for anxiety,  overwhelm, stress and emotional behaviour to feel calmer, less anxious, have more self belief & confidence to trust in yourself
  • Learning positive language - opening dialogue of positive communication
  • Exploring strengths and skills - embracing uniqueness 
  • Accepting & achieving respect and boundaries 
  • Living with joy, motivation and compassion 
  • Inspiring confidence, self esteem and self belief
  • Improving low level behaviours by looking at root causes with a holistic approach
  • Maintaining positive mindsets, behaviours, habits and environmental changes
  • Understanding emotions with the cause and effect process
  • Emotional regulation - understanding, managing and expressing emotions in a heathy and balance way
  • Feel inspired, to create and embrace individuality
  • Breathing techniques and guided meditation to aid relaxation, gain focus and support challenging behaviours 
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) - releasing emotional blocks 
  • Create your own values and believes


  • Children aged 4+ and young people up to the age of 18
  • Neurodiverse: Autism, ADHD, AD, ODD, OCD,  select mutism, ticks, tourette's, asperger's and low level behaviour 
  • Experience with anxiety & depression, overwhelm, low level moods, unmotivated, negative thoughts, low concentration levels, low confidence & self esteem, heightened emotional sensitivity & other sensory needs, and poor eating & sleep habits
  • Other emotional / mental challenges: bereavement, family separation and co-parenting, domestic violence, environmental stressors, bullying, self harm, unresolved trauma and PTSD
  • Living with chronic conditions or any life changing health conditions or complex needs
  • COVID impact - PTSD, anxieties, not wanting to leave the home, panic attacks

Learning new pathways, creating positive behaviours and habits, finding core skills and boosting confidence and self esteem.

"My thoughts create my reality - What I focus on is what I will achieve!"


Each weekly workshop is for up to 60 mins across 6 consecutive weeks. Investment for up to 10 students per is £1100+VAT.


To book and check availability or for more information please email bookings@nowsthetimeforchange.com  

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