Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Masterclass Training

N.O.W.S emotional wellbeing & mental health training will provide you the tools & techniques to facilitate transformational results that can benefit yourself, your family and your peers.

Exploring different tools & techniques to harness the power of the five senses to create a sanctuary of healing and transformation. Through techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), conscious breathing exercises, guided visualisations, and affirmations, we embark on a holistic approach to calm the mind and nervous system, regulate emotions, and align energy within the body.

Training benefits will include: 

  • Emotional resilience & regulation
  • Personal growth 
  • Identifying and adapting emotional, mental, physical stressors, triggers and responses 
  • Learning the cause and effect from triggers, emotions and behaviours 
  • Overview mental health 
  • Core coaching skills
  • Managing expectations and setting boundaries 
  • Empowering positive language and growth mindsets
  • How to diffuse a disagreement, looking at situations from different perspectives (window of the world)
  • Learning the neurological levels of change - to improve environments, behaviours, confidence, self esteem and to embrace uniqueness 
  • Law of attraction techniques

Self care starts with you. Create individual routines and practices to “walk the talk” Sharing experiences helps to create sustainable and lasting change.


2 day masterclass training for up to 12 attendees (students, parents, teachers, LSAs, office staff, employee. Accredited by IPHM.

Investment of £1800+VAT


To check availability and book or for more information please email bookings@nowsthetimeforchange.com  

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