12-14 Weeks Functional Health & Wellbeing

A functional health approach identifies the underlying root causes of illness, disease and imbalances, not just the symptoms of a disease dynamics. Each symptom, experience or different diagnosis may be one of many that contributes to an individual’s illness or un-wellnesses.

Using a biology based approach evidence-based skilful conversation, clinical interventions, root cause strategies, and low-risk interventions that modify molecular and cellular systems to reverse drivers of dis-ease and un-wellnesses.

With a focus on nutrition, diet and lifestyle habits as well as behavioural therapy to support you back to balance, and get well, be well and stay well. 

Programme overview;

  • Triage / Discovery call 
  • Intake form to be completed and returned before your first session 1
  • Handouts, supporting materials, journals posted
  • N.O.W.S dashboard log in (access to weekly sessions) 
  • Additional support and chat forum within your dashboard 
  • Aromatheraphy 30min consultation with unique blend 
  • Weekly 1 hour sessions, virtually or phone call through N.O.W.S dashboard access. Face to face sessions optional on discussion at triage point.
  • On completion of programme a post 4 week check in call with your N.O.W.S practitioner. 
  • Discount on supporting supplemental recommendations. 

Benefits for programme (NB for supporting ages 4+ to 18, a parent /carer must lead the child programme)

  • Rebalance hormones and regulate nervous system
  • ASD and neuro diverse support (specifically for children)
  • Improving emotional wellbeing and mental health; anxiety, depression, moods & behaviours
  • Manage & reduce stress (identifying your individual stress management system)
  • Supports multifactorial complex cases (including long covid)
  • Highly personalised needs led focus at own pace
  • Protect against imbalances, disease and prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • Promote growth and development 
  • Reverse biological ageing
  • Support mitochondria, metabolic & gut dysfunction
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Weight loss, detox and cleanse
  • Improve sleep & cognitive function
  • Glowing skin (improving skin disorders and complaints)
  • Motivate progressive and positive lifestyle change
  • Create healthy and supportive habits
  • Supporting the whole family to build healthy relationships with food and nutrients (understand individual needs and processes)
  • Personalised diet and lifestyle support (including meal / recipe support)
  • Create healthy and supportive habits (road map for overall health)
  • Suggestive supportive supplements (discount available) 

Investment per person £1500

To book your free 15 mins discovery session with one of our experts or to discuss payment options and for more information please email bookings@nowsthetimeforchange.com  


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