Crystal Atlantis


I am an intuitive, conscious shamanic practitioner/ teacher/ancestral healing practitioner complementary therapist.

My belief is that by treating a person’s mind, body, spirit, and soul and by also healing the root source issue, wholeness can be achieved.
I am passionate about empowering those who I work with, I encourage and support them on their journey to recovery.
I believe that authenticity and integrity are vital life skills and I always aspire to be the best possible version of myself to support others and inspire them to be brave enough to do the same. Everyone has the capability of change with the right support nurture and guidance and part of my purpose is to hold space for
people to flourish and thrive regardless of their personal story, circumstances, and challenges.
My personal journey of healing began in 2005, I have done some very in-depth deep healing work on myself, over many years.

Healing always starts with us, through my journey of self-exploration and recovery, I have acquired the necessary skills to facilitate healing for others.

In doing so I have acquired a lot of profound extensive training to facilitate deep healing work.

I help people to come to terms with the trauma they’ve experienced, assisting them in activating their own healing potential within. In turn this enables them to begin to make peace with their past, bringing transformation and the ability to move forwards in life in a more harmonious fulfilling way.
I often work alongside my husband Gary where we hold lots of drum journey workshops for healing and empowerment.
We facilitate drumming workshops for NOW’S to help families improve their mental health and wellbeing.


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