Growing up I always felt very misunderstood, the things that I felt made me “different” I felt insecure about. But now I love my ‘quirks’ and ‘weirdness’ and I’m so grateful to be the person I am today. 

Realising I don’t have to change myself to “fit in”. And learning to love myself the way I am has brought me the most amazing opportunities and beautiful relationships. 

I have studied psychology for many years and done 2 years of a psychology degree. 

In 2021 started life coaching with N.O.W’s and left to have my baby boy who came very surprisingly early weighing 2.11lb. Now he is a strong and healthy little toddler. 

I also love being creative and expressing myself through music. I am a DJ, singer, songwriter & producer. 

I have tried many forms of therapy & medication over the years and found the holistic approach is the best and most sustainable for me. 

I’ve learnt to live free without fear of judgement of others. Beauty comes from within. When you find your inner beauty you will live your most beautiful life.

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