Natasha Ralph

Natasha is a Director and Co-Founder of National Online Wellbeing Services /  N.O.W’s the time for change.

My journey of emotional events and ultimately life changes began when my husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, in 2011. Then nearly losing one of my oldest best friend and now sister in law to sepsis and the trauma of becoming a quadruple amputee that saved her life after being induced into a coma, to myself having postnatal depression with my second child. I have 2 young and incredible children whom have taught me so much more about life and different challenges, on every level, both having various neurodiverse conditions (which I know understand was genetically from me).

I had a lot of questions and became curious about Wellbeing and Healthcare and what that meant to me and my loved ones. I went on a mission to take back control of our health and wellbeing, learning how to nourish and balance the mind and body, to create lasting, positive and supporting habit/behaviour changes that I'm extremely proud of and take pride as I see my love ones flourish....despite challenges..."what doesn't break you will make you stronger"...

I’m truly grateful for everyday and every experience and for those whom have come into my life, as we thrive towards a happy and healthy life. After losing my dad very suddenly 2021 I become even more focused on wanting to help others with their own emotional, mental, spiritual and physical journeys. 

I’m passionate about supporting others in their own experiences to discover what’s truly important to you, your desires and needs to feel confident to express as unique individuals and overcoming what might be holding you back. I believe that each of us have the power and inner consciousness to live our best life! Not just an ordinary everyday thrive and not just survive. I believe that life's challenges can be lessons to be learnt as we grow and heal and to eventually come back to our own truths. 

For those that are ready, I lovingly support and gently guide you to make unique positive changes in lifestyle habits and behaviours to get the results you may not yet have been able to achieve, and to discover the possibilities and choices that you will greatly benefit from when realising desires and intentions. Every small step leads to bigger and amazing results that can change you and your families lives, no matter what your challenges may be!

By using Mind and Body transformational coaching skills alongside my Functional Healthcare qualifications, I will support and empower you to fulfil your highest potential, optimal health in mind, body and soul. 

In 2018 I certified as a ICF Health and Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) Practitioner, In 2020 I became a Reiki Master and in 2021 attuned in Rahanni Celestrial Healing. In 2022 I certified as level 1 and 2 AFMC Functional Medicine Practitioner and im about to  compete by last level 3 to be fully accredited and qualified.

"Food is medicine & medicine is food" looking at a whole system personalised approach, everything matters and everything is connected! 

Holistic therapies backed by years of scientific evidence supports a natural approach that looks at the root causes and not just your present symptoms and challenges. BIG LOVE xxx

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