Suzanne Newman

(She / Her)

I am a mother to a beautiful boy who is my absolute world.

I started my career in London as a PA and left the city after 18 years when my Son started Primary School - it was the best decision i ever made.

Since leaving London, I have allowed myself the time to focus on dealing with my emotions and to focus on the things that make me happy, my family.

I had a very long fertility journey, with lots of failed IVF's and miscarriages. I never allowed myself the time to deal with the roller coaster of emotions and it finally caught up with me. After every failed IVF I never allowed myself time to grieve and just put all of my emotions into focusing and preparing for the next round of IVF - because I didn't deal with these at the time, it consumed me with such sadness and resentment, it sadly resulted in my marriage ending.

Over the last four years I have allowed myself to let go of these emotions and be at peace with my journey. I now see my journey as a brave one and can see how strong I was and how I never gave up. My gorgeous boy is the result of all the heartache, which made it all worth it.

I feel so proud to be working at NOW's. The commitment we all share in wanting to make a difference in young peoples lives is the most rewarding job I have had.

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