Vikki Stanesby

Hi I'm Vikki, I am a Mother of 4 children and have spent the past 27 years being a stay at home Mum.  

I have enjoyed every minute watching my children grow and supporting them through the many stages of childhood, from early years through to further education and their first steps into employment.  I have helped guide and support my family but equally my children have taught me a lot too.  I have learnt to appreciate each of them individually and that no one’s struggles or achievements can be compared - they are personal to each of us.  I feel extremely proud of what they have all achieved despite the challenges they face on a daily basis.

During the time of my children moving into their adult chapters, I was passionate to train as a NOWS school resilience coach and provide children and young people with the techniques to manage their emotions and growth mindsets so they can thrive in any areas of life.

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