Emma Nunn

(She / Her)


I have always enjoyed meeting new people and finding out their stories,
therefore when it was time to find my next chapter, it was no surprise it
involved helping and supporting people.

After 10 years of working with my husband while our son was growing up
(now 14), it was finally time for me to find my passion and something which
made my heart sing every day. That is when my Coaching Journey began and
honestly, I have never looked back.

I believe to be able to talk the talk authentically, you need to have walked the
walk. Therefore, I bring a sense of empathy to my clients that I am proud of,
which has come from my personal experience of growth, development and
inside out healing. I am passionate about the amount of change that can
happen with the right support, a willingness to change and an open mind to
new perspectives.

I am a fully qualified coach and an NLP practitioner. I am also in my final year
of training to be a counsellor within the Person Centered modality. That
means, I put your needs at the forefront of everything we do together and
allows me to sit comfortable with you during that process. I provide a safe,
calm, open, honest and confidential space which resolves completely around
you. Along with NLP I love neuroscience and believe by understanding why we
do the things we do; we can make impactful shifts which become more helpful
to us.
It's not my job to fix you as you are not broken, but together we can focus on
how to reframe and form more helpful beliefs, thoughts or habits which help
you flourish, understand yourself better and feel comfortable with who you
There is no “one size fits all” mentality. We are all uniquely different. I look
forward to getting to know you and hopefully working together to help you

“We are all different but there’s something kind of fantastic about that. Isn’t
there? – Roald Dahl

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