Meditation Workshops

Meditation practice is a lifetime tool focusing on the mind, body and energy integration to calm the mind from over thinking, connecting with the flow of breath, senses, bringing  focus back to the present moment enhancing overall wellbeing. 

Meditation has been a practice that has been around for centuries and is the most natural way to come back to the present moment, out of the world of stress, anxiety, fear and emotional dysregulation. 

Meditation is not seen as a religion, it's a natural technique of awareness that teaches us to connect to our natural flow of our breath whilst using visualisation techniques and exercises to calm, gain focus and to improve mental and emotional clarity.

It has such a profound outcome to a better mental health and emotional wellbeing for all ages. Just 5 mins a day can make a big improvement. 

Meditation benefits:

  • Enhances mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Reduces anxiety, anger, fear, self sabotage 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Improves self-awareness and self care 
  • Improves self worth and confidence
  • Improves behaviours 
  • Increases empathy and kindness 
  • Increases concentration, focus and attention span 
  • Improves sleep, moods and overall wellbeing
  • Creating positive long-lasting changes in the neurological pathways within the brain.

NOWS facilitates meditation workshops within nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges and communities for children, young people, adults and families:

  • Baby & family 
  • Nurseries: preschool children age 2-4
  • Schools: children from 4yrs +, young people & staff members
  • Communities: Children 4+, young people, adults and families
  • Staff wellbeing

Guided meditation: practitioner guiding through a visualisation and breathing 30min workshop (age led and adapted). Sound meditation with frequencies: Practitioner facilitating sound frequencies, guiding you into meditation.

Workshops 30mins for children / young people. Adults up to 1 hour.

Minimum of 15 people and maximum of 30 people per workshop 

£10 per child / young person, £25 per adult


Contact for more information and availability