Transitional and resilience school workshop or assembly

Supporting the minds of Children aged from 4 - 11 yrs and young people 12 - 21 yrs within schools, colleges and universities, helping them to become aware & regulate each emotion and mental health. 

‚ÄčTeaching the tools and techniques to improve their emotional and mental health, to overcome transitional times of life and emotional challenges.

The workshop includes: 

  • Self esteem and confidence building 
  • Understanding & regulating emotions (its okay not to be okay)
  • Promoting positive relationships 
  • Nurturing resilience 
  • Embracing uniqueness 
  • Positive language
  • Growth mindset
  • Mindful meditation 
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques

All within a safe environment and with freedom of choice. All students that participate will receive a certificate of resilience and a mindfulness colouring sheet.


60-90 mins workshop for up to 30 students plus a teacher. 1st workshop investment £300+vat, 2nd workshops £250+vat* and for 3rd workshop £200+vat*NB must be booked for the same day.

Mental Wellbeing assembly investment options for school years (up to 90 students) £450+vat.


To check availability and book or for more information please contact


(we have a number of funded workshops available for primary year 6 students across Essex, contact if you would like your school to receive 1 funded workshop)

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