Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an alternative therapy for rebalancing emotional wellbeing and providing physical pain relief. Its also known as 'psychological acupuncture'. It was introduced by Gary Craig following on from Chinese medicine and acupuncture, to create good health. It has been said that any disruption on the body’s energy is the cause of all negative emotions, pain, emotional wellbeing and mental health, which includes anxiety, depression and PTSD as well as influencing sickness or disease.

EFT uses a sequence of light tapping on yours body's meridian points / energy spots whilst using positive language (repeated sentences to change a negative to a positive). This unlocks and creates a positive energy flow through our meridian points, whilst changing neurological pathways and last as long as the intensity of the pain or emotion does. EFT is very effective and an holistic process to free your mind and body, releasing and re framing any emotional attachments and feelings that no longer serve you with a positive outcome. Its positive effects are also used to free you from addiction, fears and phobias. 


Initial consultation Adult is 1 hour (each treatment is for 45 mins) - investment cost of £60

Initial consultation Child 30 mins (each treatment is for 20 mins) - investment cost of £30

Block bookings of 3 sessions is £210 (with aromatherapy £290)
Block bookings of 6 sessions £420 (with aromatherapy £500)
Block bookings of 9 sessions £630 (with aromatherapy £710)

To check availability and book or for more information please email bookings@nowsthetimeforchange.com  

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