Gary Langford


I am a group facilitator and have been working with mainly teenagers most of my life. I have
worked for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, the Princes Trust and my previous role was
working for the Childrens Society as a teenage drugs worker, running education sessions
and group therapy.
I am currently a self-employed historian running workshops in primary schools. My
workshops are very interactive and facilitate learning through participation.

Since the 90’s I have participated in drumming with many traditions, although I mainly now
focus on indigenous drumming. My wife and I deliver guided drumming journeys for self-
discovery, healing, and empowerment.
I have run events for teenagers and adults in Bushcraft and survival skills, teaching basic
skills in survival in a fun, informative and educational way.

My personal interests are in outdoor pursuits and have taken part in canoeing, cycling,
mountaineering. I have a passion for walking in nature, as I find it extremely therapeutic and
grounding. The natural world is my inspiration and spirituality and I find my centre and
peace walking ancient paths and visiting ancient sacred sites.
Due to my passion for Ancient Sacred Sites and history, I occasionally runs guided
experiential talks to prehistoric sacred sites and monuments around the UK.
Previously, I held a regular shamanic drum circle, using drumming and spiritual practices to
promote wellbeing and empowerment.
My wife and I have also conducted drumming sessions for Now’s to help families to increase
their mental health and wellbeing.

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