Rosslyn Whellams


My name is Rosslyn and I live in Essex with my husband and two children. I am a qualified Empowerment Coach and have also taught Psychology within schools and colleges for 18 years. I find working with children and young people an incredibly satisfying and rewarding experience. Since the pandemic people suffering from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and phobias have increased exponentially. I saw first-hand the effect this awful situation was having, as a mother to my two children, as a teacher to my students, to my clients as a Coach as well as to my friends and family.

I have always believed that emotional health is just as important as physical health. My goal is to provide effective help, advice and support to people who are having issues such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, fears and depression. If you learn how to control your thoughts, emotions, coping mechanisms and actions it can have a huge impact on your feelings of self-esteem, emotional control, self-belief, confidence and resilience so you can feel empowered and ready to face and overcome current and new challenges!

We can, and deserve to, feel this way but it can take work, effort and guidance. I am passionate about the programs offered at NOWs. My favourite aspect is that you are the key to your own success. As long as you have the drive and motivation to make that change anything is possible!

I look forward to meeting you and taking those first steps on your journey towards the life you truly want.

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