The resilience program has been truly life changing for my family. We have tried many private therapies. Nothing like this tho! This was something that we all related to and we have all been able to make some positive changes to the way we communicate as a family about how we all feel. 

My daughter was diagnosed with Autism last year and as a family has been very challenging to manage.  

I am more confident in myself and I have learnt not to put so much pressure on myself  and I'm ok being ME and I'm enough for my kids. I have had  a lot of guilt before but now I've learnt that some things are out of my control and that's ok. I'm so glad that I have  done the course and just being able to talk to someone not involved as in a close friend or family. I have noticed some really positive changes in my daughter, she is more open to speak about her feelings before it reaches an outburst. Thank you!

Myself and my partner have enjoyed our weekly sessions, we are definitely more positive and have seen a very positive change in our children's behaviour.

We have learnt so many tools/techniques in this resilience course as a family, we feel more confident to understand and support our children with their emotions and we have awareness if anything is changing in their behaviour that something is wrong rather than us thinking it was bad behaviour. 

This course has helped me and my family to understand ourselves emotionally, it has also given my daughter the courage to open up to them, and talk about her worries. Thank you, this truly has been life changing for us all. 

I haven't been in school for a while because I found it difficult and didn't feel understood by the teachers. I didn't feel safe, I felt safe at home. I have ADHD, I find it difficult for my friends and family to understand me and why I am different to them. I was feeling very scared all the time before I took this resilience program.

It was nice to have a  coach that understood me and I felt safe with her every week. I have really liked this programme and am a little sad that it's come to an end.

I’m now feeling more confident about going back to school. I am due to start a new senior school in November.

My confidence and resilience has got better. I feel I can manage my feelings and my thoughts a lot better. I use meditation and the breathing technique I was taught to calm myself down. Before this programme I had never tried these before. I now understand how they help me to calm myself down before I reach a point of reacting to my mum and friends. My head feels less busy. 

I like saying “I am Calm”, “I am Safe”, “I can do this”.  

I now sleep the whole night through. I wake up happy, I like myself more now and know I am unique. 

I have tools to use forever, definitely the best experience I have had, I have been talking to my friends about you and showing them the techniques you have taught me. Thank you NOW’s.

My Son has ADHD, it's been very challenging before and after the recent diagnosis, I have struggled to get him in School, he's been at home with me for the past year. I have been exhausted mentally and emotionally for the past year.

Since taking this program my self confidence has improved. My communication skills have improved especially when expressing my feelings with my son and family. I am also standing my ground and being assertive more than I would have prior to starting the course.  I actually get some time for myself now, I am learning to balance things. I can now manage my son's ADHD diagnosis. We have been taught many ways to calm. His mindset, sleep and attitude are so much better. He is about to start a new school that can support his needs, he is looking forward to starting which is a very positive change. He is managing his emotions in a positive way and his outbursts have reduced. We both practice the tools we have been coached within this program.

Thank you for all your support

The resilience program has provided me with a better understanding of wellbeing, which has equipped me with good techniques to support my family as well as made me aware of the impact of stress for both myself and my family. This program has provided me with tools to support my children which has increased my confidence and strengthened my relationships. I also believe that this program has helped my wife to speak about her emotions freely. She has also within the last two to three weeks started to make some time for herself which is helping to lower her stress levels.Thank you!.

I’m proud of myself for how far I have come in such a short space of time. I couldn’t have done this without the love & support of the N.O.W's team.

I’m only a few sessions in and the techniques and tools I have now have really helped, and I use these on a daily basis.

After each session I felt slightly lighter and could approach my week ahead with a positive head on my shoulders . I look back at how far I have come and could not of achieved what I have mentally or physically without N.O.W's. You have nothing to lose only something to gain!

I went from excited to calm or the other way round. I felt like I could face my greatest fear. I felt confident and now I know what to do if I'm upset or angry. Thank you.

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